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Updated: 23 Oct 2013

Most of my projects have been implemented using the D3 libraries and the D3 mapping components use GeoJSON and TopoJSON. When building the Census Explorer, I needed a provincial map of South Africa in GeoJSON format. Google didn’t know where to find any so I had to make one.

The necessary shapefiles can be found here: http://www.demarcation.org.za/

You can then convert shapefiles to GeoJSON and TopoJSON using the topojson command line tool, or just use http://www.mapshaper.org/. Plus it lets you reduce the topology complexity and the size of the JSON file to download.

Or just use the ones I have already made:

District Municipalities
Local Municipalities
All in One

If all you need is an SVG, here is a simplified one I made when starting this process.


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  1. Hi

    Thanks a lot – been reading your articles on mapping in d3 ( very useful ) specifically the provincial mapping json files you have so graciously created!


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