Colour Palettes for Data Visualizations

When creating a data visualisation, one the worst ways to encode the differences between values is to use changes in colour. Whether going from light to dark or changing between two colours, our brains are not particularly good at determining how big the difference is and for small differences, we may not notice it at all. Continue reading “Colour Palettes for Data Visualizations”

Climate Change in Six Easy Graphics

One of the key requirements for good data visualisation is that it supports the narrative of the issue being explained. It should support the story by helping the reader easily understand  the conclusions drawn from the data analysis. In some cases the data visualisation carries the story complete as in this article from BBC News: Six graphics that explain climate change

Isochronic World Map

I love old timey world maps. Cartographers have understood the science of data visualisation for a long time and some of these old hand drawn maps are truly incredible works of art. This map shows the average travel time (in days) from central London to another part of the world. 10-20 days to get from London to South Africa. Its the journey, not the destination man! Plus there was probably more leg room. Thanks to @BrianPinnock for the original link.

A Timeline of When the World Ended

A recent Naked Data newsletter pointed me to this article on wikipedia which gives a list of when the world was predicted to end throughout recorded history. Its a timeline of when the world was supposed to end, who claimed it would and how/why. It is wikipedia, so its as accurate and complete as wikipedia can be. I figured it would be a nice thing to see on an actual timeline, so here we have it. Continue reading “A Timeline of When the World Ended”

A really bad pie chart

Pie charts are often maligned by the data viz community. Sometimes for good reason and sometimes to just to feel better by ridiculing those that don’t know you are not supposed to use pie charts. However there are those moments where something goes truly wrong. This has to be shared to prevent it happening again. Lets this act as a warning as to what can go wrong when you use PowerPoint without a licence. Continue reading “A really bad pie chart”