Ant Graphs

I’m a reasonably avid user of Pocket. For the last few years I have been conferred with the dubious glory of being in their top 5% of “readers” for the year. Its another pile of things to read that I try to get to, but usually don’t. However when I’m travelling I load up the articles on my Kobo (a.k.a. the thrifty Kindle) and try get through as much as a I can on the plane before I loose the will to live and try end it all with airline food.

In one of those moments I came across this: Local links run the world. What struck me was this image of how ant colony trails look and change over time.

Its looks a bit like a subway map and I think it conveys the concept quite well. As an interactive map it could show how the paths change over time.

You can read the original ant trail article here

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